Saturday, January 24, 2009

Journalism software integration

No one said it would be easy.

And there's no such emerging piece of software that screams Journalism.

History tells us that the gramophone's intital use was for recording voice before some bright spark decided music had some merit.

And Facebook, summer of 2005, when a professor at Missouri introduced it to me, had nothing to do with journalism, but students staying in touch with one another.

Co-opting is certainly de rigeur now.

There's a nice piece from Storm Media, which co-opts an animated cut out expression to tell a visual story, which works equally well as a pop video.

How did they do it? Well you can ask Brian himself if you're going to be a Wemedia. The organisers are looking to see if we both can lead various groups into the deconstruction of multimedia.

Amazing story telling
But back to his piece. After Effects!

Yep by now, you're editor has just figured out what flash is. Don't even mention Director ( huh!)

But after effects is the unsung hero in film making.

This one by Storm Media, mixes animated masks, in which you need to separate images firstly from their background. Then Camera and 3D on a path.

It is time consuming. Rob Chiu put together a project like this for his "Black Day to Freedom". And there were a few nights when we spoke, it sounded truly labouring.

But as you can see the results, Media Storm and the Ronin, are brilliant.

But how do you visualise the end goal if you've no idea of the ware or what's possible?

How do you get into that zone?

More later, but this year's motto could be learn a new software package that has nothing to do with journalism per se, but will have huge pluses down the line.

p.s I'm using animated masks from Flash for the front cover of, which I'll build up to something.

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