Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Connected consumers reveal new habits

Consumers prefer using multiple destinations, and then aggregating media and services, via simple tools like RSS, into a highly personalized view of their digital world.

This is just one of many findings from Razorfish's consumer report 2008.

You won't believe the amount of news (broadcasts,online and newspaper) that originate from surveys. I used to fill several waste paper bins in the morning at news meetings.

Still, few out of the 100s are chosen. So what determines their worth?
  • Content - how truly unique and of use is it; that is the qualitative research.
  • Trust value - What's the motive for the report. If it's narcissistic, why bother.
  • Presentation - Is it eye catching?
Razorfish that powerhouse of design released Meet the Connected Consumer last year. What I liked about it is having revisited today is its:
  • Transparency - it doesn't play overtly to Razorfish. Unlike say a survey that says chocolate makes you sexy and you discover a chocolate company commissioned the survey.
  • It's got some break away thoughts from your standard quo. This is probably the a result of the quality of those they questioned
Take this: "Brands will need new tools and services because today’s widget might become tomorrow’s TV set". It sounds innocuous but obsolence in new digital media is rarely discussed so this is an interesting view.

And: "We were most surprised to see widespread acceptance and frequent consumer usage of Web site widgets."

And finally: "We are still in the early days of social media". .... "Online video consumption by connected consumers continues to soar, as 94% of respondents reported watching online video with some level of frequency."

It's not good news for TV people, that's the underlying message, but says the connected society are having a ball.

Well worth a digest, forget that it's two months out. This should give food for thought

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