Friday, January 09, 2009

Future Net TV - Outernet shapes up

Many of the big names in TV manufacturing are now building Internet capability into TVs. Now there's a surprise.

It's the annual fest of TV people in Las Vegas. The other news TV's will become 3d. Extrapolating games culture trends gives some idea how this might work.

The trick, with Internet-TV, is to transmogrify
the socio behaviour of lean forward to the big screen. It's been tried before, but didn't much work. I attended my fair share of NET-TV meetings in 1998.

Still have Microsofts strategy document they gave out.

But now, and I recall posting about this in 2004, HD wide screens have been normalised into the home. This IS the Outernet. If you compare this image here in this article, with this one Apple featured from a couple of years, spot the difference

Ipod - a mini culture cannibalising super sizes - is accepted. You place your ipod into a docking station to get surround sound. We might not shirk now at wifiing the cinema screen while still controling the screen from my Mac.

Essentially it could act as an intelligent monitor.

If this does take off, then the televisual feel for websites, not breaking the fold, will be common place. 950 px x500px may not be a daft idea after all.

Er someone called it daft recently.

Does it seem much of a stretch now for video story telling to take on a cinematic feel?

p.s Did you know Slumdog Millionaire was a whisker away from going straight to DVD? This link says US TV dramas are looking to go big time on the internet.

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