Friday, December 05, 2008

Why not hang up on the President

So by now you've heard the story and gawped or chuckled as well as Congress woman Ros-Lehtinen hung up on a prankster imitating President elect Obama, except that er, it was the president-to-be.

So then Obama's new White House Chief of Staff Congressman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, probably looking over at his boss likely mutters, "Oba give me it here".

He then duly punches in the number, gets to who he is ( poetic license here, as I have no idea what happened) and she Congress woman Ros-Lehtinen hangs up on him as well.

Bravo Congress woman, cuz you know the lengths these prankster will take to make a fool out of you and she wasn't having any of it.

When the matter is resolved, they apparently do what anyone would do, have double-bent, belly ache laughs about it.

"Damn you hung up on me"
"And I'll hang up on you again. Next time use the code".
"Er we don't have one
( Made that up as well... sorry!)

Phoney President (hyiaa sorry!)
In American President Michael Douglas playing the title role gets a similar salmon in the face when he rings up his love interest a lobbyist played by Annette Bening.

Yah, she hangs up on him, but the president has an ace up his sleeve.

Before you hang up on me again, ring this number, he says.

Brrrrr. Brrrrrring... briiing.

Hello is this Ms lobbyist you don't believe who we are, cuz this is the White House telephone exchange. Moron!

Obama: "Hey "W", could you do me this one favour, it's probably the only one I'll ever ask you so don't get wise-guy about it!"

For Obama, no such luck, just yet.

In South Africa, renowned theatre director, Alan Swerdlow a dear friend shared a block of apartments with Cheryl Carolus (who would many years later become High Commissioner to the UK.

She was high up in ANC circles so it was customary for Madiba ( Mr Mandela to us) to drop by. Yep I was sat on the lawn on one occasion.

One day her phone goes and Alan answers. " This is Nelson Mandela, please could I speak to Cheryl".

Don't do it
"**** off Peter", was Alan's reply, and puts the phone down.

You see Alan had a good friend who did the most exquisite Madiba impersonation.

Phone rings again and this time Cheryl picks it up and of course goes into deep conversation.

Later, Alan, looking ashen-faced learns Mr Mandela wanted to know who the charming man was that answered the phone.

My own faux pas is inconsequential, but when Sabine Streich, the organiser of the VJ awards rang me up two years ago to say: " er you've won", I too told her to "**** off, this is not a joking matter".

Her response was a good as one liners will ever be:

" I'm German, I don't joke!"


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