Saturday, December 13, 2008

Radio or TV - I choose you

It's a fair bet that if you ask quite a few media types who've worked across both genre, which one they like better, they'll opt for radio.

It's no fuss, immediate and well, works the imagination. Truth I'm in that category as well

But whilst TV and the likes of VJ receive dollops of attention, you'll hardly hear about the pluses of radio unless that is it's packaged as podcasts, which seem to get as much mention now as a triceratop.

There's no denying though that radio packages ( term given to radio reports) have a ready market, with the thousands of commuters listening to their ipods in the morning.

Trouble is radio packaging from podcasters can often be an exercise in self indulgence.

I still think there's something in the IM6 approach, which means stripping media 6 ways and the best example of that is the diving expedition to Gallipoli, which I posted about earlier here.

But what if say on I could reflect the big topic of the day, which is another way for saying package my news agenda.

And what if I could find a way of posting to my site via a proxy using xml. That way then the news report could be a current as a twitter post.

Now how do I go about building this?

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