Sunday, December 14, 2008

television - we decide - yeah!

A celebrated Wall Street trader is arrested over an alleged monumental $50bn fraud. Whilst Vauxhall are are offering staff a sabbatical with 30% wage cuts.

However what will they be talking about in the press tomorrow?

The BBC's decision to wring one more week out its competition, Strictly Come Dancing, given that its main rival, The X-Factor completed its run this weekend.


Whilst TV execs like to visibly show you the audience are in control, this cuts across that message.

The decision to go into the next week and pick up all the viewers suffering from the X-Factors withdrawal, will not have been missed even on an 8 year old.

Yes it's a game show, but it's pride and figures to justify the spend that's at stake. Xfactor claims it had 8 million people vote in.

That's probably 8 million viewers then. 8 million viewers that the BBC will be hoping for next week.

Lets hope they can get Beyonce whilst they're at it.

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