Saturday, December 13, 2008

Film making - a downside

Film making isn't so much a job but a passion. You've got to want to make them because the hoops you have to jump through are huge.

Listening back to the recordings of film maker Asif Kapidia, two things struck me.

Firstly, and I had some understanding of this through a friend, if making your first film is herculean, making your second is near impossible.

And then Asif was asked a question, one of those rare questions that you really shouldn't ask a film maker?

"If this is your second movie in the space of 6 years how do you make a living?"

His response: You learn to leave frugally. You get paid a lump sum and then you learn to live in those means. Frightening really when you think about it.

You've really got to want to make films.

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