Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Viewmagazine - David postits - end of year

First day out in a long while. Really should be twittering this. In an Apple store in Kingston, Surrey looking at the macbook pros. Nice!

Just walked into Waterstones book store and picked up Blink, Tippin Point and Wisdom of Crowds.

That's my Christmas read done.

Picked up the jury notes for the Royal Television Awards. There's a meeting in Jan. Meanwhile in Berlin, they've started their judging for the International Video Journalism Awards.

Actually we're doing it online. I have started casting my votes and comments on a range of films.

Yesterday, pitched up at Uni/ Varsity. Paul, one of my colleagues on lecturing in "Principles of Journalism" pitched too. We were going through the marking regime for the 40 plus International Masters students.

Some good stuff. Some more to get through. And then second semester modules to dust off and get ready. Next year we're going hyper multimedia.

Trying to work out finances et al for getting to Miami for the Wemedia Game Changer event and then looking at my Phd Module got a couple of 3000 word essays to hand in on research.

Probably the best news to end the year, well, if getting rid of my cold is one of them, is a publishing deal from one of the big US publishers.

You know what these few days off.... actually I can't wait.

I'm going to go cold turkey on blogging etc. so Happy hols, a merry Christmas and may your new year be more special than the last good one.

Now how do I resist getting out of the Apple store without spending... arrghh!!!

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