Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Response to Wemedia Game Changers - David Dunkley Gyimah

Excellent choices for the winners of the WeMedia Game Changers.

ZeFrank and Yugo Nakamura I have known about since when. Here's an article for the Brit design mag Blue Print featuring mention on Yugo P from the Masters of Flash series. Yugo's work was simply mesmerising the first time and still is.

You simply have to go and see their work. If you think Flash is an app for streaming video, the two give the primary perspective.

About five years ago YugoP exhibited with all the other Masters of Flash e.g. Hillman Curtis, Joshua Davies at London's contemporary design theatre.

It was breathless stuff.

Twitter and the John S and James L. Knight Foundation need no introductions and have simply been transformative in many ways for others to benefit.

Social Vibe has been a relatively new one for me to come across, but no less awesome in its impact.

The term game changer for such an instution like Wemedia is profound and just to be in the company of the above has been seriously humbling and fun.

I have been chugging along in my own process, so it's been undeniably an interesting journey, which truthfully has looked to originals like zefrank, Media Storm, Yugop and Frank Knight Founation for my inspiration.

And for all the people who said kind words, your beers in the post :-D


Anonymous said...

Hi David, thanks and congrats. It's awesome company, and well deserved. And: We're all chugging along :)

Hope to see you in Miami.

- Andrew

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Andrew tres thanks; I'm speechless. Yep hope to see you in Miami