Thursday, December 11, 2008

Game Changers Guest Post: David Dunkley Gyimah

Early November Beth Laing, from Wemedia, asked the finalists at the 2009 Game Changers Awards to write about their projects, what they’ve learned along the way and what’s next. This is the essay I submitted.

We Tell Stories

We tell stories. Everything we do is about stories. From the young child skipping home from school, the mother navigating a hard day’s work, James Joyce’s epic Ulysses to the shortest passage in the bible: Jesus wept. It’s story telling.

We tell stories across different media: Designers through space, image and text; artists through bold or subtle gestures of paint, sculptures, digital ones and zeros; dancers through the contours of their bodies, and today’s journalists, through an emerging basket of digital goods.

The stories we tell are shaped by their medium, Marshall McLuhan said as much in his medium is the message. Critic Andre Bazin extolled the language of Cinema and Muhammad Ali across a throng of Harvard students regaled us with “Me, we.” – the shortest poem there is. Rest of the article here

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