Friday, December 12, 2008

BBC jobs - Musical Chairs stalled

Sometimes the pithy messages can be the most powerful.

Recapping a previous post.

A BBC bod tells us yesterday that there's a 3 year freeze on hiring at the corporation - and that this is the first year.

The implications are significant.

The BBC has often acted as a clearing house; a sort of jobs musical chairs where people leave, others are promoted and new jobs need filling at the bottom.

I often thought whether its possible to create an alternative BBC by dint of the number of people who leave. That would be fascinating.

But the real concern must lie with trainees and new grads. We've been here before in the boom bust cycle, but this time I can see hiring execs becoming more discerning.

A freeze is a freeze, but if you're blindingly good, you'll find a way. What's the figure again?

20000 grads per year wanting to do media and only 2000 jobs recycling.

There's work to be done on the ranch.

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