Friday, March 28, 2008

Keep an eye out

If my memory serves me - not everything it used to be - then pretty soon the Telegraph's super young journalists head home.

12 young bright things were rigorously chosen from 800 applicants across the UK and then put through some pretty steep learning curves.

I did a stint with them and found them to be really nice and truly sussed.

For the last year or so they've been working in various regions; I bumped into one of them at the UK press associaton who said: you won;t remember me.. but ..


I have got his card marked that he'll be an editor in less than three years; how could I forget him.

I'm keen to see what and how they transform some of the output of the Telegraph, which has built up a significant and loyal base in the US according to traffic we were showed.

And Yes.... I made a film of them. How could I resist? The first dedicated super journalists: videojournalism, print and multimedia for a national newspaper.

I'll find the blog one of them wrote for me. Wish em all the success. They stand to transform a time in newspaper media coverage and influence a generation behind them.


Jon Swaine said...

Hi David. It was me you bumped into at the PA. I blog at

When can we see this film?! We're looking forward to cringing at it.

See you around.

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Cheers Jon..

Be a little while yet, in a heavy marking session, but will flag you when done. Nice blog posts btw.
How's PA and when are you back at the Telegraphy?