Friday, March 28, 2008

Corpsing on Radio 4 Today OMG

Friday Morning lstening to the radio whoah - something happens for me to google the bbc's newsreader Charlotte Green.

Charlotte Green joined the BBC after graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in English and American Literature.... and so on says the BBC website.

Today the normally professional and stoic Green has added a new stripe to her career and one for the BBC's bloopers.

A monumental fit of laughing-corpsing reading the news.

The offending item - an early recording of the first human voice, which sounded like a gurgle.

But Ms Green after hearing the audio, set on reading the next item, couldn't hold it down.

Wow, it was a wreck. She giggled, giggled some more then in a tidal wave just let go.

She was rescued after crawling through by the presenter James Naughty, who did not sound best pleased.

Oh dear, imagine the conversations off air now

postscript: Good that the BBC could see the humorous side of it and post this article about the event.

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