Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ken walker - extraordinary photographer popped by our uni and we ( friends and I) got him to do a little shoot.

The theme which we'll expand upon looks at mentoring and new academics.

At the forefront belly laughing is Shirley Thompson - a composer and writer who's written for the Royal Philharmonic and played for the queen.

In the background is Kienda Hoji - an expert in music, legal and contracts. Has represented major artists and closed many big deals. Known also for his work in China.

To his side is David Matthews, a lecturer in Journalism. David's written some great gonzo books - one on boxing and the other on greyhound racing. Not many people would be willing to put themselves through the pain he's gone through for journalism.

He became a boxer to write his book.

To his side, obscured - better pic will follow- is Mikyael Riley - an original member of Steel Pulse and originator of the Reggae Philharomoic Orchestra.

They're all amazing people which you'll mee in more detail soon

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