Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dirty shooting star

There's always one, a hidden gem who completely takes to the medium. Matter of fact there have been quite a few, but Gareth from Cornwall is on a mission to push videojournalism - a craft he's only been at for a relatively short time compared with his career as a newspaper journalist.

One of the things I stress in advance handheld Videojournalism is dirty shooting. It's used extensively in the Shield, NYPD, Homicide - Life on the Street and more recently Bourne.

So in advance videojournalism I work with Vjs to understand the Subject-verb structure in visual grammar.

It doesn't have to be cut frame cut. The camera dances around the subject mimicing what should be the focal points for the eye.

This is Gareth's first shoot at it since we crossed paths and I think you'll probably say not bad.. not bad at all.

You could also say "rubbish". No doubt someone will, but the point is this is his first and he'll no doubt get better.

It's a great story that labours a wee bit in the second half. You judge

Cops arrest a man

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