Monday, March 31, 2008

New Wonders - Journalism could learn from.

She's tipped as the new sensation...

Yes, yes they say that about many people, but for my colleague who's recently been involved in signing John and Jehn, Rahel is the real thing.

But as much as I'm into posting about this about someone who's destined for big things, I'm also fascinated by the event that enables such creatives to come together and collaborate in a manner that can only foster greatness.

In Hammelburg Germany, every year a swathe of students from various universities across Europe, of different disciplines meet, supervised by business and music types such as my colleague Kienda Hoji.

There in a retreat, a castle, they go through a number of simulations to get students into this type of shape.

It's brilliant and inspiring and it's called MUSO.

They meet without knowing each other and then share, swap ideas and come away after a week richer in knowledge and ideas: I mean this song was put together overnight - wow!

Where's JOURNO: the journalism/videojournalism/story telling equivalent?

If you're a rainmaker who makes things happen then this must serve as a template for how to develop innovation in the collision of video and the web - away from the crunching of figures and dour outlook that only suits know best.

For the meantime lets enjoy Rahel - shot by Kienda

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