Friday, March 28, 2008

Videojournalism 1994

Found this made in 1994 which I have dumped on

It's about youth crime - something I have covered extensively in my reporting career.

It got me looking at my tape stock and there, betas, A1 tapes and the likes, are hundreds of video stories that are sitting idly around.

But hey what's the point I think looking resigned.

500 vid stories that's not overly surprising since at Channel One we would often cut two stories a day, so if you worked 250 days of the year ....

Anyhow this report sits between VJ for TV and Gonzo.

If it looks dark, that's because the gamma goes all pear shape when compressing so a few areas appear more dark than they looked when transmitted.

The camera I used was the Beta BMW300 - huge washing machine of a camera - appropriate if you're a designated camera operator but a bummer if you're a VJ with a Vinten tripod and tapes to carry.

Cost, between 15-30,000 UKP. That was about 45,000 USD. They would later come down to about 8000 UKP. Large part of the greenbacks went on the camera lens alone.

Did I tell you the story of a colleague of mine doing a really nice shot on a bridge overlooking the Thames and the plate on his tripod slipped and woops 1000s of pounds of camera fell into the Thames, probably there today.

Any how here's the link
Crime, Crime, Crime. If you go out to London today you'll be in for a big surprise. The first of three reports on London's under current crime problem.

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