Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Video Shooters - Police step up stoop and searches

"The law gives the police officer the power to search you, anything you are carrying and any car you are in"- Form 5090, issued by community police in London.

If you're a VJ then expect to be stopped and searched if you're shooting on the streets of London, particularly central London.

Inceasingly the police are steeping up their stop and search on video cameras issuing them with a document that often involves a comprehensive background search and you filling out a detailed form.

Now one organisation is seeking clarity.

Last year I posted how PA's lawyer Mike Dodds had brought the matter to the attention of the City Corporation Police.

But alas it would seem little has been changed.

So what d you do if you get stoped by the police?

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Unknown said...

It would seem freedom of the press collides with exigent circumstances - yet one more time. What's the "legal basis" for the search? What's the probable cause for the search? In all instances wisdom would dictate to cooperate with law enforcement and work out some friendly form of video journalist press identification and registration procedure to minimize the problems?