Sunday, March 16, 2008

Push the button - Videojournalism

We all possess something that pushes our button.

As journalists and thinkers of the new unchartered discourse enveloping us, we can be as passionate as the next facebook about to hit us or as critical about why a new app won't work.

Today I did a bit of spring cleaning myself and in the process sorted out my often cob-ridden head.

In ten things that motivate me, I am introspectively, inspite of the myriad gadgets tried to get back to basics.

What is it that motivates me?

What is it that motivates you, as a manager, trainer, lecturer, journalist or even motivator.

So here are mine in no particular order but produced as short movie clips back on

1. producing mash up visuals
A bit like a painter really I see an image or have an idea in mind and want to replicate, play with it.

A lot of what I put into projects stems from a small idea

2. Talking
Oh yes I like to talk and I'm thankful for the hosts that have given me a platform to share/ express ideas.

They can be new ones, but often I like the idea of testing what we might call traditional ideas that exist in our current paradigm.

Why do doors open right to left, when other prefer you push.

3. Talking 2
This is where yiou get the chance to interview/talk to a global figure.

Included in the clips are the BBC's DG Mark Thompson in a Q and A that's really apt.

If I could find my Mandela clip I'd post that as well, but in 20 odd years I have had the opportunity to speak to a fair range of people whose views make you think

4. Producing Stories
Of course who doesn't like a good yarn, but it's the thought of editing and constructing making one clip run into another; the outcome of which adds to the singular voice which is tha attraction.

Here I'm talking to the Ex Director of the CIA and a senior intel office in Washington

5. Creating new story ideas
From the Butterfly Vlog to modular interactive docs, the outernet and hyperlinked videos; just what will journalism of the mash-up generation look like in 10-20 years time. Here I have congealed lots of ideas into a Videojournalism Trailer.

6. Paradigms
Yes we all drive on the right, but if you don't venture outside your home state you prob won;t realise that other people drive in the left. And there not strange.

Quite the contrary they consider you a bit odd, but the idea is to broadminded and look at your new paradigm sideways.
In IM6VJ What is Multimedia, Naka Nathaniel, David Sifry, Dan Gilmor and a host of figures let us into their way of thinking.

7. Making things
Well that's often media, but not always. On a deep sea diving expedition we had to make a makshift microphone to lower to the divers below 30m.

In this clip, I'm in South Africa where I have carried out quite a few substantative VJ assignments, spoken to MNet's Carte Blanche and SABC. This story here will run and run - South Africa's new power employment force.

I'm back in South Africa late this year to talk VJ with a group connected to the SABC

8. Development
Nothing beats working with creative people and bouncing ideas around.

In this world you're either a giver, taker of both. It's great to receive, but to give is also thrilling and that doesn't exlude you as a student, lecturer or the low rankers in the high flying jobs. Everyone has a POV. Lets hear it

9. Connecting
Visionaries. Enuff said!

10. Anticipating
Not knowing, but hoping, pulling for something special. In every class there is a genius about to hatch. We may not find them now, but we should give everyone the oxygen needed to be fulfilled

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