Saturday, March 08, 2008

Videojournalism corpsing

So I am giving this talk to a group of Chinese television execs in London for a couple of days to gather TV industry intelligence and I'm corpsing.

I mean corpsing big flipping time.

I'm speaking and within "pencil throwing" distance almost the whole room is busily doing something; emails, talking about whether any of them have spoke to their family, what they're going to eat etc.

I get to the part of my powerpoint where I'm trying to distinguish between: is the web a platform to place media or place to platform media and I might as well have undressed, though the thought of that urgghh!

Have you ever had one of those outer body experiences where you can see yourself and you end up thinking: "OK (chump) what next?"

Sobering, very flipping sobering.

Translators looking at me, I'm looking back and I'm thinking: should I, shouldn't I: You know drop something utterly nonsensical into the talk?

Coward! Ah well, only 50 minutes more......

By now, the goto to see some great work, has been swallowed into a great big black hole.

And then, then I break down into fits of laughter. I'm corpsing and having a private joke, otherwise I guess it amounts to nervous laughter. Though I'm not really nervous.

I borrowed this thing once from a presenter I saw: He runs into the hall before the start and instructs everyone to play along with him by laughing.

So a minute later everyone's screaming with laughter, and as new delegates enter looking bemused, those seated laugh even louder. Wierd, but a great way of getting everyone on side before you tell em what you'er going to talk about.

No such luck here. Corpse some more.

I very rarely open up when talking. I guess it smacks of self-aggrandisement, but I thought ah well sod it, so first to

  • VJ Rubik Cube
  • Then seqeued into that maestro of motion graphics Rob Chiu - and this great title opener - pure sex
  • And then a hyperlinked film

    And then it all went calm. Can't tell you exactly when I was in some strange place, talking about this an that...

    And it all ended rather differently to how it started.

    NB: If you'd like to learn more about videojournalism then you can bookmark this videojournalism site here which details what Videojournalism is, videojournalism projects with say the Financial Times, and how it broke for newspapers in the UK.
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