Friday, March 28, 2008

And finally

Ghanaian journalists in South Africa Vjing

Me and my big mouth.

One of my colleagues is one of the key organisers of this huge pan-African conference in the UK looking at the media etc.

He wanted me to chair something and I kopped out, but then a speaker couldn't make it and by proxy asked me if I could contribute.

"Your folks come from Ghana, don't they and you lived there"????

"Uh yes and so that makes me an expert?".

No, seriously it didn't quite go that way. I chewed his hand off and said:

"Shall I talk about the United States of Africa videojournalism project?"

The crux was taking 7 Ghanaian journalists to make films in SA and teach them how to shoot.

I get pretty ancee, as I did as the WeMedia Forum some years back, when people talk about Africa and media, and we're made to think they've goto take out secondary loans with the World bank to get their media in shape.

So I'll speak about that, then.


One thing. I have just got back from this apple thing and can't write for toffee. so it's going to have to be a 5.30 start tomorrow to see if I can plan some presentation.

Me and my big mouth

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