Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dreaming up New digital meeja words

Dreaming up New digital meeja words
0. Drummer - act of leaving comments in various blogs thus combined sound of person clicking "send" constitiutes one beat which turns into a drum roll after the 4/5th comment
1. Prowling - the act of hovering over a blog wondering whether you'er going to post, because no one else.
2. Nipping - the act of watching a vlog/video and following a different trail to the one intended.
3. Toxing - leaving unhelpful critical remarks in a blog
4. Veeping - Video hyperlinking, not common at the moment
5. World - already in usage, but not common, reference to working in 3d virtuals.
6. IMVJ - integrated multimedia videojournalism - conceptualising and completing multimedia project combining vid,pics,text
7. Face off - leaving facebook for a while, not updating and the likes.
8. ambient -current noise levels pertaining to what the chat's about within your blog amigos
9. Einstein - multimedia packages incorporating citizen journalism c.f E=Mc2 e= multimedia with citizen involvment
10. Percy - Videojournalism package along the lines of fly on the wall - no reporter speaking. Named after Percy, one of the earliest filmjournalists using a Bolex Camera 1960s working at BBC
11. Ronin - Videojournalism package with Jump and fast cuts
12. 369 - videojournalism package modelled on TV news template
13. FPS - For Petes sake - Invariably used in Flash project when action scripting isn't working
14. Jump - Jumper - someone who excels at different softwares - FCP, AE,
15. Andy - a super blogger
16. Zoo - revived 80s word revealing behind the scenes for a show or multimedia packaging.
17. webologist - someone who knows everything eabout the web.
18. Gore - early uptaker to the web who purports to know everything
19. RIP - Rankle your Internet Provider after your site's been down or been deleted through some terrible mishap - Happened to me once
20. Absolute F***er - someone who's so cool online you just wanna be their friend.

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tinkering - checking yourself for testicular cancer while doing a live interview