Friday, March 14, 2008

Title Sequencing montage in Videojournalism

Mike Jones at Digital Basin writes:In many ways the more interesting evolution for motion graphics going forward will be the saturation of motion graphics as a common visual language, not only for 'intros' but for the consumate telling of cinematic stories and evocation cinematic meaning.

Read more of Mike's post hereon Title Sequence Montage - 25 of the best title designs

It's become a point of amusement that some film makers refuse to work with the industry's king of motion graphics, Kyle Cooper on the basis his cinematic credits can often outshine their movie. see Wired

What you've picked up here Mike is a general, perhaps unperceptible in my wee world, theme of how multilayered, condensed, narratives can convey a story akin to the best 'MTV' promo narrative.

This heightened sense of music, compositing, sequencing, Man with a movie camerish extension pushes all the right buttons in online videojournalism film making.

Director Tony Scott, Michael Bay, Greengrass and a slew of film makers use the dna of motion graphics as 'breaks'/ 'narrative arcs' within their films.

While my argument is not that Vjism growth is purely motion graphic driven, the complexities of visual storytelling told simply in MG will go some way to advance the next phase of this nascent story telling form.

I thought calling IMVJ - integrated motion/multimedia Videojournalism might help me think along those lines.

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