Saturday, March 01, 2008

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I bumped into a former student whilst calling on some good folk at the Financial Times.

Ed's gone from student last year to the Financial Times - great stuff.

I whipped out my small cam-for an interview where he talks about how his online skills from his one year Masters have helped him.

If you're a student embarking upon a Masters it's worth watching.

Each year new cohorts always groan when we place in front of them CSS, and the more obscure aspects of writing for the eye and appreciating SEO tags as well.

Also coming up on, we go into Afghanistan with Ron who gives a cool interview of metverse TV.

If you subscribe to the Harvard Business Review, there's an interesting article inside about how next generation television will be metaverse - virtual worlds and the like.

Also and I promise I can soon reveal a good example of a hypervideo in action, which I'll play around with at full length with a presentation at apple

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