Monday, August 10, 2009

Videojournalists who are they, what's their background?

Some people can be quite sniffy about videojournalism so I thought I'd drop in my background to give you an idea of how I got into it as a practitioner and trainer. If you like to contact me for a chat training etc you can here

David Dunkley Gyimah

2010 - publishing book deal
2009- Artist on Residence South Bank, PhD Candiate SMARTlab
Senior Lecturer, Digital Journalism University of Westminster devised online module - IMVJ Integrated multimedia videojournalism which involves css/html/xml dreamweaver site building story telling combined with design/SEO writing, site architecture and behaviour, Flash, AE, Photoshop and Director with short , feature length and long format free framing videojournalism - in which I made a few stories for Channel 4 News based on my foreign affairs background as a member of Chatham House. I channel those into making features, as well as training like this one from Beirut etc.

You'll find a good example of IMVJ being my site and soon I'll post the current installment from my International Masters students (I'm currently marking) which is just superb work.

- other work at Uni. launch team ( Editor in the field) NATO War Games conflict training programme

-Co designed interactive news training programme, further developed by colleague, sold onto BBC Journalism College.

-co developed with Press Association their first videojournalism programme

- Developed news futures. Multidiscipline project with students presenting to the BBC about the future.

-consulted with The Financial Times training on the videojournalism programme

Juror member: International Videojournalism Awards (Berlin); Royal Television Society for innovation in Broadcast (London)

Sample of talks/training given: Press Association/Telegraph Newspapers; Chicago SunTimes (Training); SXSW (Austin Texas); Miami WeMedia; Flash on the Beach (Brighton); Apple stores (Regent Street), Journalism conference (Norway) World Association of Newspapers (Sweden); Annual Media conference (Egypt), Consulting ( Beirut) Online News Association (New York) Batten Awards ( Washington Press Club) MWASA/ SAUJ (South Africa). More here Press and Comments

Up to early 2000s Independent Producer and Videojournalist working with a number of outfits:Creative Director for Ex-Saatchi breakaway agency headed up by its former
head of TV, Jon Staton ( developed XTP movement for TV stations on London underground.
PRODUCTIONS: using camera/editing/and or reporting
° Riz Khan Production - working with Riz Khan ( CNN) on BBC WS Production, The Hajj Pigrimage, edited and posted using digital laptop technology
° Intelligence and the New World Order, ICA. with Jon Snow.
° Videojournalist for Lennox Lewis with his World title with Tyson in Memphis.
° Corporate promo video producer for Washington-Based UN Lobbyist,
broadcast on CNN International, and Nobel Peace Prize recipients, MSF

(UK General Election) Political Producer – Power House (Channel 4’s Political Show) Producing programmes which audited key policies of the main
parties using accountants BDO Stoy Hayward e.g. Pensions, Tax, Crime. Online reference from Editor, Andrew Brown (brother of Prime Minister)
Freelance Producer - Channel 4 News/ITN, BBC Breakfast News
Produced long/short format news items for broadcast. Made South African election film “The Second Generation”, from Johannesburg looking
at the country’s new social community of urban professionals.

Senior Producer - Global Media Alliance (US media agency managed by Turner International’s head of Africa region) specialising in international programmes. Examples of work include producing and directing expedition film on British/Turkish return to Gallipoli – TX: OUTLOOK, BBC WS.
Consultant and Producer/ Director - first international African states co-production (see online for cuttings)

Mid 90s Television Producer - World Wide Television News, (WTN) Camden
° Producing news and feature stories for global clients.

Videojournalist - Channel One TV (Associated Newspapers) Produced 500 stories per year
° Multi-skilled TV Station where producers/VJs shot on Betacams, edited on AVID and voiced their own reports. MD was Nick Pollard (Sky News)

Early 90s Freelance Radio/TV Correspondent and Producer in South Africa
e.g. of work, director/producer Through the Eyes of a Child - experiences
South Africa’s young before the election.
° Presenter, researcher BBC Radio 4 documentary, First Time Voters – 4 young South Africans vote in their first election. Associate Producer
for ABC News Journalism training with MWASA and the IFJ: Training the Trainer –
programme to teach senior media managers about learning outcomes

Early 90s BBC TV & Radio and Training
° AP/ Reporter – BBC Reportage, BBC 2 Television
° Presenter/Producer - BBC GLR Magazine programme/ BBC Radio 5
° Researcher – BBC Newsnight

1987-89 ° BBC Radio Leicester Freelance Reporter.

Digital broadcast technology at The London Institute.
Distinction Modules in International Relations at the LSE International School
(1) Politics of Global Finance (2) Emerging Economies
Post grad Journalism/ TV production - Falmouth School of Art & Design

BSc Applied Chemistry, Demontford University
Alevels: Chemistry, Physics and Biology (9 O levels)
Spent 8 years in Ghana. Speak the local languages

Membership Director, Broadcast Journalism Training Council
Member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs since 1994.

2009 Wemedia (Miami) for multimedia, 2006 International VJ Awards/Wemedia (American Press Institite) Fellowship, 2005 US Batten Awards for Innovation in Journalism, First Place, 2001 Interactive current affairs Co- Finalist 2001, C4 Digital Awards Unleash the Talent Inside.

Press/Publications David’s work has been featured in a number of publications: Economist
BLUE PRINT – Digital technology and Film Making
THE PRODUCERS – New World Order in Digi Film making
ICA – New aesthetics in digi film making,
CREATION MAGAZINE – War Cameramen and Videojournalism…working in the West Bank
TRANSITIONS – Hollywood digital filmmakers manual on digital editing
BBC ARIEL (BBC in-house magazine) – Dispatches in South Africa. Also, THE TIMES/SOUTH AFRICA TIMES….