Friday, August 21, 2009

Video Journalism and creativity into the thick of it

I've had two days to regroup - given me time to work on my site, and redux an old film, but with contemporaneous value: an interview cum feature with James Woolsey, former director of the CIA.

This short lull belies a mammoth week and period ahead. Energy bottles at the ready.

Next week is a an intense marking regime for our Masters students in the art of IMVJ Integrated Multimedia videojournalism: 13 essays and online projects. One the face of it good work, but the critique should provide them with valued insights to where they might push.

Later that week attention returns to research. More forms and chapters to write. It is, if anything relentless, and I'm currently reading through Lacan and Deleuze.

As we gear up for the start of the term, time to revisit modules and ensure updates.

With that done, attention must also turn to the residency. One of the many multiple projects I'm interested in is a dance project which works with young offenders and then there's portraits, which has since yield some interest from a museum in Italy.

What's really getting me excited though is the story of futurecasting media in the UK. Effectively my perspective, but acknowledging the tennants of researched journalism. What the industry calls an authored story, and so far I have a number of senior industry figures on tape, and am interviewing more next week.

Not too long in the future I'll be in South Africa with the Knight Foundation and Rick Beckman. So that's it and as a result I'm going to cool my online work of blogs - just till I get a sense of balance again.