Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pure Genius - Viral Videos, Masakali, Bollywood

Pure Genius - the art of disruptive, but brilliant renditions.

For a couple of years I worked as a creative director ( for an ex-Saatchi and Saatchi head of the big gun days, Jon Staton, now at Jon Staton Productions.

He recounted how "the World's favourite airline - British Airways" tag and track came about.

They used three different tracks before opting for the choral one.

Yesterday a post I responded to on Advertising age about viral videos attracted this brilliant submission from Sunil Shibad from Mumbai, India.

Pure Genius, it utterly disrupts our fixed semiotic and transforms it to this. Wonder what would have happened if British Airways opted for the 'ethnic' theme. It was the 80s after all when ethnic music wasn't exactly in vogue. Enjoi. Thanks Sunil