Monday, August 25, 2008

Veteran Mark Riley posts from Obama convention

Veteran US broadcaster dropped this by me - insider read at the Democrat Convention.

I've always had the yips about flying. For the past couple of days, I stressed coming to Denver for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

I told myself the nerves were about wanting to do an excellent job on the radio show. Or maybe leaving my wife and daughter (she's out of town anyway). Nope.

It was about getting on a plane. Mind you, I've flown all over the world at one time or another, but there it was again.

It's that feeling in your gut that this time will be different, this time the thing is going to crash.

It didn't. I got to Denver without incident, and began thinking about Barack Obama's choice of running mate.

I must admit to just a little disappointment Saturday morning when the news came that it was Joe Biden. Biden was, in my mind, the safe choice.

Because I've always been drawn to the edges in life, I was hoping for an edgy choice, a Kathleen Sibelius (take that, Hillary!), or even Hillary herself.

Suffice to say I've gotten over it. Joe Biden is an expert on foreign policy, shoring up an area where people see Obama as lacking. On balance, he's a smart choice.

Yeah, he can be verbose, and McCain may use some of his words attacking Obama from the primaries against him.

I guess that means McCain won't be calling on Mitt Romney to be his pick. After all, the Mittster had some pretty strong criticisms of him.

Anyway, it's Denver, and the anticipation of the first day is think in the air. I've already been asked to attend a screening of a film about stem cell research, and I haven't even left the hotel yet!

People are finagling to get that all important invite to that all important party.

Pardon me if I sound a little cynical about that part of the convention.

I've been doing this since 1976, so needless to say I've been to dozens of all important parties.

The perception of the Democratic Party, it's nominees, platform, and vision for the future is what this convention is really all about.

It's a golden opportunity to right the wrongs of eight long years.

Don't blow it.

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