Saturday, August 23, 2008

SWSW Vote for Video Journalism

The good people at SXSW sent me a nice email after I suggested toodling over to SXSW for some inspiration.

And while I'm at it giving a combination master class of new areas of IMVJ and some things to chew over. You know how to knock off quick professional interviews; how to go anti aesthetic or anti-realism, cutting a trailer blah.

Great they said but you'll be voted on by our patrons and fans. So I'm asking you; no I'm begging you cursor over to
and see whether it's something worth voting for. :)

I'm thinking of trying a live layering so build multiple film drawing in aspects of radio, motion graphics, dv film, video journalism and what nots.

Incidentally and I'll expand on this, but I have been away for a couple of days and really got back into radio ie pods, so we'll be tearing up some rules and digging up some radio interviews which I have dumped onto a refurbished

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