Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Tory leader David Cameron should have given Obama

Forget MP3s politicos go Vinyl to impress and ol' skool.

Nice touch David Cameron, the Tory leader's parting gift to the fleeting visit of presidential hopeful, senator Obama - a playlist from his ipod.

There was a time when obscure hand-painted porcelains from the Far East were the order of the day, now it's an mp3.

Couple of weeks ago Time magazine made great store of Obama's playlist (Stevie Wonder's his fav), which when reported by The Telegraph included a roll coll of celebs and politicians telling us what's on their ipod.

Dark rock lyrics played backwards revealing subliminal messages were not on show, but David Cameron's play list of the Smiths, and radiohead appear to have made into Obama's diplomatic pouch.

But why MP3s? And if you really wanted to impress why not go old school, with both vinyl, which is now in vogue by the way, and ol' tunes.

So if Obama, a jazz and soul fan amongst others, ever visits again and any politician needs help, here's my snapshot selection.

Left to right

  • The master himself, Bobby Womack and "if you think you're lonely now". One for you and the missus on the campaign trail, if you pick up the next line that follows.
  • The Brother Johnson, er never mind the fist bump, get down for the real booty bump on the dance floor with Stomp - 1980
  • Obama likes his Jazz; this is Jazz funk supremo Lonnie Liston Smith's Expansions and the Cosmic Echoes, with lyrics "expand your mind".
  • A floor filler from Cameo in their darn funk days of 1980; Cameosis and Shake your pants.
  • Still the seminal UK soul hit of any era, OMAR's "There's nothing like this", would give Obama a good idea of UK soul. It had Stevie Wonder chomping at the bits to work with Omar.
  • And some mellow thoughtful jazz; no not Coltrane, though he'd do, but Donal Byrd, "Places and Spaces.

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