Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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That old conference trick eh!

Tell the audience what you intend to tell em, then tell em again, and end with a summary of what you have told them.

Frankly why use powerpoints; I use keynote myself, but that's not the point.

Coming up tomorrow

A nice quick interview with Nick Pollard, whom until two years ago was the head of news at Sky News. What's he doing now and what's that he says about India and News production?

Finally I can dump the whole of 8 days, which I'm exporting at the moment, onto the front page of viewmagazine, which has also undergone a face tuck.

I'm reviving the idea that web sites, if they'll continue to be called that, will take on a more televisual role - a point I made at the National Press Club in DC some time back.

So going to get a bit more aggressive with some reduxed video stories. C u tomorrow. It's just gone past 12 midnite here.

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