Friday, July 11, 2008

Performance -story telling

The week that was and so many performance to top of Phd week.

I'm currently down at the South Bank [free wifi access], London's creative arts hub, where African footprints -extraordinary drama - drum troupe are playing.

They'd earlier treated Smart lab to one of their many repertoires - impromptu live theatre and dance.

At one point I was holding my breadth. Their drums are sooo loud that I thought any moment security would walk into our space and demand they stop playing.

African footprints are from Ghana so I had the chance to speak to them in their native tongue. Yep surprised me as well.

In half an hour, Bruce Damer gives a talk on computing on the Euro Grid to the British Computer Society, which I'm going along to with some smart labbers.

Earlier on in the day Galen, a technologist, artist, poet and partner of Bruce gave the most extraordinary presentation of story telling and technology.

There were few dry eyes when she finished. I'll post some film for you to make your mind up.

So that was the week that was. Traditional service on the VJ world commences next week and I'm looking forward to doing something with Bruce already. Bruce is wired into Adobe Air and a number of incredible things.

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