Friday, July 18, 2008

Media Crime UK - Foundation 4 life, Knives

Finally real people on BBC as opposed to so called officials who are experts on knife crime.

This morning two youngsters, from the Foundation4Life, on the Today Programme (well done) saying what is so obvious.

I'll precise: We (youngster) don't care about any sentences when we've got a knife, jail doesn't hold out any fear for us...

Couple of days back I spoke about the lost generation, a reference to South African youngsters in SA I came across as a reporter: Nothing to lose, a lot to gain by crime:

"Controversially will anyone of note in the UK say the knife/gun culture has no solution?

That a generation 'Don't ****ing cares" has taken root. And that the best MPs and others can do is to follow South Africa's example.

Otherwise make a lot of huffaw, hoping the following day, bad news of a kind they have an inkling to talk about will arrive e.g. stamp duty.

Course not, but some solutions seem blindingly obvious at least in addressing a symptom that leads to some youngsters losing their way".

The foundation 4 life which I imagine will see a spike in its web traffic today is one of many agencies working in this area that presumably are given p***poor funds to do their extraordinary work.

Perhaps politician's can stop looking for arm chair solutions, or even photo/ publicity opps and support these outfits to do what they do so well.

p.s One reason why it's a good idea for interviewees to spell out their url address online is that Foundation for Life is a pregnancy site. Foundation4life is the young person's help agency. This should be made clear

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