Monday, July 14, 2008's David Dunkley Gyimah joins jury for International Video Journalism Award

The email came as below:

Dear David,

We’re writing in the hope that you will consent to be a member of our international jury (INTERNATIONAL VIDEO JOURNALISM AWARD) for the 4th International Video Journalism Awards, taking place this year in Mainz from the 28th-29th of November 2008......

I said yes. It's a real honour to be able to witness close up the transformation in video language production from any view, let alone that of a judge for one of the best video journalism awards around.

Congratulations once again to Sabine Streich and Albert Beckmann for selflessly giving us video makers the opportunity to show off our wares.

Each year the standard for this event has uped the ante from winners in 2006 such as German reporter (DW) Stephan Bachenheimer who spent three days in Guantanamo Bay and Dutch video Journalism Ruud Elmendorp.

You can see us here discussing their films after we emerged from the 2006 podium where the two and me came away with awards.

If you've got a film don't forget to send it into the awards at this website where you can find full details of entries etc.


Anonymous said...

that is great David. One thing that has surprised me about the award winning VJ work I have seen is how conservative it is - in aesthetic/stylistic terms. Especially in light of the explosion of creativity in cinematography in TV and the movies.

Unfair to criticize a nascent craft for not pushing the envelope obviously. But without a new aesthetic is VJ condemned to just look cheap? Is innovation
the provenance of the big bucks brigade: Top Gear, John Adams etc?

You bring a style to your work - even your spelling is very creative - I'm sure your judging will reflect that.

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...


Ok people in nice polite society when someone says your spelling is very creative,worry!

You'll have to point that out to me Peter.

Trooth, I often shoot of a post wiv out chequiking only to disbover I have mayed some tewwible mistake.

Whrer Deja Vu!!

No, but you're right Peter. I think I'd put it down to it being in its pupae form.

However that said, there are strong forces in VJism as an adoption of TV standards, who want it to ape TV.

Don't ask!

It's still this fear of failure and ridicule, which is why I applauded the shoot by Paul Bass, publisher of the New Haven Independent.

What I would really like the VJ movement to do, just as we read in American Cinematograpy is to test shoots.

Ok we can't test film stock, but we should be able to talk about what we're trying to do with the camera.

The kine-aesthetic look so loved by cinema is in fact Vjism in its gonzo form.

Thanks for the support Peter. Your site and many others I visit sow the seeds for ideas that hopefully germinate here and on viewmagazine to be mashed up and some.

P.s Please do spread the word in your area about the awards. The more the merrier. Can't wait to find out the VJ who's about to blow us all away - FAB