Friday, June 13, 2008

Webby Awards - welcome distraction

Word count - 10,000 odd words and growing. tip tip tap, tut tut.. ( sounds of me plodding on my keyboard

Feedback has been stimulating, so I'm rewriting the whole again with a paen to a more structured cause.

What am I talking about?

I have decided to share with you my private angst in my dissertation.

It's actually nnot as bad as it seems.

Reading large tracts of books and absorbing so much new stuff, a literary scavenger.
Penchant for taking in everything and thinking.. ah that's a chapter. Er No it isn't!
Finishing a longish rewrite and coming up for air.

Sit down, skip brunch, lunch and whatever else as you pursue a death march to finish.
Figuring out what to do when the well's dry and you've writers block.
Not priortising. Each bllog I write could have been spent expanding on theories.

Ah well, now you know. Truth you do it cuz you want to do it, and I am enjoying the process. Just finished a reread of the Futurists Cinema, pondering the similarities in that movement and today's Digital Video one.

But now a welcome distraction: the webby's.

Some great sites, but three caught my attention

Firstly a great fabulous huzzah to the FT's Alphaville. It won the blog business catergory. The AlphaVille team are just so cool. They're almost anti trad business. It's a live blog that has some sharp humour and is woth a pit stop.

Secondly - a blog about secrets and boy are these razor. Winner in two catergories. You simply sign up and post. Free psychotherapy when you realise what you have in mind for that ***** when you realise some of the things other people have done.

And thirdly and finally, this is cookie brill - for self promotion and sheer playability Red interactive's world of wonder - that's my definition. Log on and chat to people you bump into and then do your matrix jump into space.

Back to the next chapter - help!

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