Thursday, June 19, 2008

Video Interview: Howard Rheingold's vlog on what journalism students need to know

Howard writes: " In my latest vlog post, I interviewed Bruno Giussani, pioneering journalist and European director of the TED conference, and Pam Maples, Managing Editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, member of Pulitzer-winning team, about what journalism students need to know when they go out into the job market. I recommend Giussani’s “New Media Tells Different Stories.” [...]"

Responding to a post on Howards site+++

Enjoyed that Howard. Hi

And your opening premise about modules becoming redundant as fast as they get on the handbook is too true.

The role of organiser, facilitator, linker is one career journalists may feel uncomfortable with, as there's no prescribed formula for the sort of software and contentware they should/must organise.

As fast as you've learned the ways of tagging, something else crops up.

The very distrubutive model of the web has now enveloped those disciplines playing on it.

Talking of tagging some of the new video journalism film language borrowed from cinema uses tagging to heighten the sense of drama in a film - something that I have become a big fan.

In fact there seems to be parallels between the evolving journalist and lecturer.

In an interview with a UK University Vice Chancellor and Government advisor, Dr Geoffrey Copland spoke about the Lecturer of the future in a short film I made presenting at Digital Hollywood.

He was absolutely brilliant! In fact I laughed they'd been a role reversal: i was the one to sometimes talk up the future, only for friends to chime: "c'mon not that again David".

But here was the VC talking about students not requiring universities in the way they do now; how they'd choose their own modules; and how lecturers would be the filters of vast arrays of info.



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