Friday, June 27, 2008

Fighting the new media web 2.0 war - move on up

Napoleon must have known it, Custard, Marshall and other captains of armies and Industry e.g. broadcasters.

We can sustain some collateral damage, some!

So you see the game's up, if there ever was a game.

The CEO, Director General can now be fairly cockahoop, because everyone now gets it.

There's been some blood/tears/sweat on the floor, we lost 100 of our staff, but we've reconvened. That collateral was acceptable.

The greatest purveyors of new digital media are invariably now old media; in fact we've stopped using the term old.

Now that doesn't mean there aren't pockets of arid sand , where the CEOs doing a Canute: " Hey bob this video things, nah.. it's not going to take off".

But if everyone else now gets it , how do you break in to the field?

How do you become innovative? How do you exemplify the new new thing?

Does anyone care?

I saw a preview of the Financial Times' new business programme with academics from the prestigious international graduate business school in France INSEAD and we do care

We care about networks, career progression, and how to break the mould

Pie Slicing
There's still lots of pie left to slice, but it's still about being nimble and experimenting.

Have you every observed people at rush hour on their way to work.

Lesson 1
Those that are in a hurry move with a sea of people parting as they drive head on.

If you're fast and even if they see you coming, they'll move aside. BUT you don't have long.

Lesson 2
If you're coming from behind and in a hurry you have to scream, yell, plead with people to get out of your way as you try to get that designated train home.

Everyone works at a median pace, but once you've gone will plug the gap that you scythed through.

What does that mean for the innovators; I guess it's move fast, but don't expect an audience.

300 by Zack Snyder might provide some allegory to the new horizons of innovators: nimble, quick, resourceful and work as a team. An elite team of practitioners working together, networking and only then perhaps some chance exists of rallying up against the behemoths.

But then despite networking opportunities, there's still an inordinate amount of companies that work against - all attempting to get that piece of the pie.

There is no them and us anymore.

p.s Yes 300 as has been acknowledged is a distortion of the battle of Thermopylae, that wasn't my point

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