Saturday, June 14, 2008

Video journalism to go - tales from the UK

Prince turns 50 and this old snap and Marge below courtesy of Duncan is just peachy

And Marge, that's not how to do dance to YMCA

I'm quite happy answering queries which thankfully I get a few in my email bin, though ever so often one veers into the grey area of quasi-consultancy.


Oh you know somebody's reading what is often published into a black hole LOL

Had an email from Nato wanting to look at what I call accelerated video journalism[ front page of], but couldn't return to the sender - kept bouncing back.

Had a nice chat too with an NGO which wanted to understand the difference between VJism and TV Jism. "How long you gots?", could have been my answer, but we got there.

You know that saying: the more you know, the more you understand, the more you understand the more complex things become, then you realise the premise you started off from actually leaves you slightly baffled.


Meanwhile over at News Videographer behemoth site in the US covering all things Videojournalism, the talented Angela Grant let me deface her site with this here scribblings: Tales from the UK.

Online E
The Online Phd session was a blast, for many reasons. The content aside and the raw energy of the speakers, it made me think about my own infalibility.

"Scotty I need more warp power", I hear myself thinking, so back to my drawing board to delve a little deeper. Latest book I have ordered should sort me out, Convergence....... by Henry Jenkins (MIT), whom the respect-commanding Howard Rheingold of Smart Mobs ( another brill book) describes as the contemporary McLuhan.

Haven't swapped emails in a while Howard so if this pings you, do expect a follow up.

Someone I was pleased to catch up with is Andrew Nachison from WeMedia, which just continues to grow and grow and is onto some new areas of innovation. Meanwhile from a chance encounter with David Brewer at Media ideas, now at Livestation, an opportunity to make a short "How to promo for".

David showed me a mock up page with a link back to viewmagazine. Oh very flattering.

David Heathfield one of our former students emails to say all is well, aboluely fab in his job as a Nato video journalist.

If you're from the BBC or ITN, where David's contact is over, I'd grab him, no ifs.

Mind you, I don't think Nato will let him go.


Avatars are back on the menu, with a little something that may pop up next week. More on that later.

So the world of Vjism rumbles on, with a kick in the teeth of reality from looking at all the exam markings I am undertaking at present.

p.s pictures courtesy of Duncan - at the Press Association, and yes they are copyrighted.

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