Thursday, June 05, 2008

Post WAN - World News Assocoation gathering

With a layout befitting VIP's - er wait a minute these were VIPs - WAN drew its curtain on its final day's event, a gala dinner for 1800 delegates.

The cost per person for the four day stay, some 4000 euros, travel and hotel included.

The WAN brand is doing well.

This year the number of attendants is up, whilst friends of old have returned.

In an ecosystem of must-attend media conferences on this planet every week, WAN doesn't have to hold its breath.

"What did Jesus tell his disciples at the last supper" asked former president of WAN Gavin Oreilly.

"Get this side of the table or you won't be in the picture?"

Point taken.

The morning, Alli from one of Nigeria's well know news agencies zeroed onto me.

"We're considering videojournalism..", his opening line went.

"Mmmm in Nigeria ?", I quipped.

In Nigeria you get arrested for filming

"Oh no, he replied matter of factly, not if you're Nigerian, but if you're a foreigner, there are security issues.

Well that's settled that then I thought.

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