Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summary from WAN

With over 500 editors and senior execs from around the world, and back to back seminars, two days in and WAN's already taking its toll.

This morning was rehearsals for my presentation within the next hour, and truthfully I need to find some matchsticks.

No the talks have all be relevant and stunning, it's just me.

More on those soon.

But I have managed to shake some of the snooze dust.

Ex World Chess player, now politician Gary Kasparov spoke to WAN at a luncheon.

Two hundred people wanted in to the room, which could only seat 100.

More on that too later with some film clips.

Meanwhile I need a quiet place somewhere to run through my head how I'm going to show how to be a videojournalist in 12 mins.

What do you mean that's too long?

Funny! Haha

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