Friday, June 06, 2008

Media Industry and Cold Showers

Trailer - Prempeh College from david dunkley gyimah on Vimeo.
We woke between 5.30 and 6.0'clock am.

Shower time was between 6-7. The water was freezin cold; there was no hot water and often as a junior, you'd shower last giving way to seniors.

There on followed a brief half hour spell of book studying, before morning assembly at 8. 0clock.

By then your bed had to be immaculately made, because during assembly, the prefects and housemasters would be roaming the dorms looking for the unkempt.

Punishment could take an assortment of creative tasks: weeding with a cutlas, painting a long patch of grass green, or even sitting in the baking sun.

First classes were at 8.15 ish, followed by breakfast (porridge) at 9...

And so the day progressed, a regimented flurry of dos and don'ts.

I remember it well because our old boys, school mates still meet up each month, about 50 of them to look at how we might help one another.

The cold showers always get a good laugh.

It's what traditional media is getting at the moment; a cold shower, and honestly it isn't pleasent.

WAN was brilliant for many things; the chance to learn, meet contacts and also be reflective.

It's also provided me with added zeal to find ways to make good of these "showers".

This new horizon does not seem to have expanded the agenda, the digital paradigm for learning and enacting upon new nwe things amongst us.

There are great ( haven't there always been) social issues that merit deeper, wider attention, that digital storytelling can nail.

I'd like to see more black/ ethnic activities in the digital ecosystem of mainstream , where we not just pay lip service to "unity but look towards greater innovation and sharing in the media driving discourses, rather than reacting to them.

We are about two/ three years based on current trends, and innovations waiting to break free, away from more disruptions.

And just as we said five years ago, "what video online, you're having a laugh".. we're ignoring the signals again.

Yep a cold shower.

I really looking forward to mixing it up with some of the peope I met and those from my Phd programme.

Only thing I'd say is: Don't bring a towel. This shower never finishes.

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