Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Video journalism pitch - getting it right

The challenge for anyone presenting to a large audience is to strike that balance between the medium [ conference setting and delegates] and the message.

There, anything to squeeze Mchullan in.

And with 12 minutes to do that in, you've either got to extract probably three main points or keep you slides to single digits.

At the time the chair called 6mins, I thought ah well there goes half of it.

Afternoon talks

4.00 seminars have a double whammy awaiting you.

If you've had a good lunch, then the body's asking questions of you: potentially a heavy head and eyelids as you sit still for another two hours.

If you haven't had a good lunch, by the time the afternoon sessions come around, you're probably a wee bit maxed out.

I know this much, I think, from structuring lectures.

Use the morning for new ideas and the afternoon for group work.

But alas there are some things we can't control.

The previous night I'd also only managed a few hours shut eye and yes lunch was good.

Not good, not good.

So given the speed at which I raced through, here later on, I'll post the powerpoint.

The ppt
Broadly speaking it was a "how to", and its likely you're more than adept at building a new network from cans and rubber bands.

Never mind if you've never watched that pre-teen Brit favourite children's show called "Blue Peter".

The bits I wanted to delve into e.g. tagging, deep linking in video, more disrupts to video didn't get a mention.

So lots more to say in a later post, including: "the chums of reuter's" gathering.

If you ever get an email/ request from someone called Sophie asking you to meet up with a few people, drop everything.

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