Thursday, January 10, 2008

Where you should be today as a Journalist

I can't think of a better place to be today if you're a journalist.
-EMOTIONS AND JOURNALISM at City University, London.

This is a comprehensive 15 month study into an area of journalism so far removed from the job.

Last July I met the principle researcher Gavin whilst I spoke about working alone, sometimes as a VJ in away from home e.g. South Africa 1992/3.

But the area I would have most been interested in would have been this from their own literature.

Unfortunately I can't go as 'm in the middle of some monster marking.


14:15 Session 4: Rage in cyberspace: is it farewell to dispassionate journalism?

"Reports on political conflict, sex abuse and violent crime have always stirred strong passions in audiences.

Now with the internet, readers and viewers have new avenues for publishing their opinions and making their feelings plain to journalists.

Trolls and flaming havebecome new words in the journalistic lexicon. Does the web amplify strong emotion, creating an ecology in which there is less space for more emotionally nuanced positions?

And does this mean that journalists in the future will also need to bring more of their own feelings and stories into their reporting, if they are to be heard above the crowd?"

Speakers to include:
Vicky Taylor, Editor: Interactivity, BBC News
Stuart Allan, Professor of Journalism, the Media School at Bournemouth University

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