Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feature stories - Testicular Cancer

I'm fishing out some stories that I made for BBC national radio and this one srtuck me. Testicuar cancer - one of those issues that dare speak its name.

I met a young man ex, navy in the Isle of Wight who'd had a testice removed because of the illness.

Miraculously he did manage to have children.

A specialist at Hammersmith hospital advocated self-examination by men.

I quipped after going behind the curtain, er slightly embarassing though isn't it.

Women exam their breasts all the time, no more embarrassing than what men should be doing.

I don't have the figures to hand, the presenter would have read out some about trends etc. but it does make you ponder.

I'll put it on itunes shortly

Front page of view features a little promo for the piece on multimedia with the vlog butterfly project - two days away.