Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shoot Bourne - even cheaper @!^*!!

Thanks to Sionphoto who leaves this comment in response to last post which deserves a huge light of attention.

thanks muchos

sionphoto said...
...your spec is for PL cinema-cam lenses, which can cost a small fortune.

I have a Sony HVR-A1E with a Letus 35mm adaptor:

35mm adaptors usually flip the image upside down in the viewfinder, so you need an external monitor to 'turn' it back round.

The M2 needs an additional 'flip attachment' to turn the image back to normal, whereas the Letus flips the image to normal inside a single unit.

Get some support rods (they say you don't need 'em, but it puts a hell of a strain on the camera lens filter mount):

and a 35mm stills cam lens (in my case, a 24mm Nikon) and you're good to go for plenty of handheld Cloverfield/Bourne SpewCam action, without having to drag an external monitor round to see which way up everything is...

The whole setup - which coincidentally I only bolted together for the first time yesterday - cost about 700 quid.

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