Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dream on David - 007 Videojournalism

A Quantum of Solace!

So I'm available for walk ons, VJ shoots and well and behind-the-scenes.

You'll rarely find a sapien fed on western movies who doesn't know Bond; I remember being carted off to the movies with an aunt to watch Spy who Loved me.

A new director at the helm again, this time Oscar nominated Marc Forster, behind “Finding Neverland” and “Monster’s Ball" - two very different flicks, so the direction should be one to watch.

I have had two brushes with 007 by proxy, one a dinner evening with Colin Salmon who stars as MI6 station chief Charles Robinson.

Fine actor who at one point was also being tipped for the James Bond role ( read here)

And the other an interview with former CIA head James Woolsey where we talked about 007 and what he thought about him getting a job within the real spook world.

Well for one thing Woolsey said, James Bond would have been called Officer 007 if he were in the CIA, as the CIA recruits agents to betray their governments and reveal secrets.

While if James Bond were in the FBI, he's be called Agent 007.

You can see the 4 minute interview here.

Now time to go take this Tux off. Why did I have it on. Can't remember now.

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