Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The design of online film making

I'm tipping a big hat here to Master of Flash turned Master of online film, Hillman Curtis, who is an extraordinary inspiration.

A number of speakers from Flash on the Beach went out for a spaghetti session couple of years back and I was able quizz him on some of the things he does.

That was after this interview here which, yes I'm gushing, but seriously if you don't know his work, I'd recommend you look at his site and short films.

On pentagram, he achieves the most incredible shallow depths of films, so I dropped him a line and he revealed how he gets it.

You've gota love film cuz Hillman engineers different lenses on his DVcam and the truth is it's not that simple a, and b, you need a really good cam op to get focus.

The aesthetics on this makes the point

If you subscribe to American Cinematographer, you'll find some handy tips in there which could easily influence your VJ shoot.

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