Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One picture - three different stories

This photo was taken by my friend, Yannis Kontos, a fantastic photojo who I've lost count of the number of world awards he's won.

It serves as a great illustration of the emerging edges of vjism

One photo, but there are at least three different stories.

I count six, though I'd easily take four.

Can you make them out or posit your own?

In news we'd run them as clips, but there's no reason why we can't start of the package from different vantage points and clip others.

You decide.

Incidentally this is the classic VJ picture.

If you could capture the same frame as a videojournalist, do what the photojo would do, NO FEARS, you're at the edges of emerging VJism - at least what I've been observing.

Question is how dirty are you willing to get?

I showed the above pic to some newspaper eds in a VJ session in what was a really good creative storm.

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