Monday, January 14, 2008

News at Ten marks out of ten

NB See posting two day ago to get an idea what I'm talking about

Didn't catch the beginning by a few seconds to hear the opening.

"We are back..."

But well they're going to run out of superlatives soon after all the firsts they're bagging.

This show probably cost a small fortune.

Problem is they've raised there own bar; so can they keep it up?

LOL, now they're deep underneath the ice - yes Bill Nealy had to tell us again.

Is this the Day Today?

Oh yeah finally, something futuristic a video blog!

Oh there's me thinking Vincent their sports correspondent would get an English reply from the English Football Coach in another er, not quite exclusive.

The last piece - ITN's trademark report "... and finally" was more drama than dreamy, but it involved a daring rescue and some chopper reporting.

Verdict - Slick, better lighting in the studio and location, signature tune's been updated, but how would you separate the show from the same one four years ago.

Has news production moved on? Has the language changed? Is this appointment TV in tune with our radical changing needs?

These are some of the things I'll be talking about at DeMontford University's Cultural eXchange Programme.

I'll post more details soon

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