Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Iowa - why there's nothing else!

US videojournalist Corrine L. McDermid is off to cover the Iowa Caucus with one of those "get me in front of them" passes meanng she'll be interviewing some heavyweights

Frankly if you work in the media in the US who isn't.

So she emailed me to see if she could get an international perspective.

Truth if I asked 100 people on the street I reckon only a tenth would know what it was.

It just doesn't sit on the UK news radar.

Fancy that!

Biggest story going in the US and we'll only get a whiff of it a couple days run up to the big day

But I sauntered over to Uptake.org whom Corrine's reporting for and really enjoyed citizen joe Chuck Olsen clear, a tad humorous non fussy report.

One of the things we're all getting used to is the increased level of video reportage.

And yes some will be adding very little to the saturation coverage, but some like this one will add a personal quick bite touch.


amityb said...

Thanks for pointing me towards Corrinne's blog, David. Perhaps I'll tune it to that instead of the nausea-inducing corporate news prognosis of what's happening.

What's this? The UK's not completely enthralled with what's going on in a microcosmic, inconsequential caucus in the small Midwestern state of Iowa?

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

fabulous gerl. How are you. Last time we spoke you were a policy wonk decipherer - prob one of the hardest jobs in showbizz.

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